• Agricultural Reserve Program

    The Agricultural Reserve Program is designed to maintain agriculture as a viable industry in Virginia Beach by preserving the resource base for farming.

  • Julia Hillegass


    The City of Virginia Beach enacted the Agricultural Lands Preservation Ordinance and the Virginia Beach Agricultural Reserve Program on May 9, 1995. The program was designed and promoted by a coalition of farm, Conservation, business, and civic interests. There was common concern for resource and growth management, as well as the preservation of agri-business and a balanced tax base.

    ​The City of Virginia Beach Agricultural Advisory Commission determines the eligibility of properties offered to the program, helps set purchase priorities, and advises the City Council about easement acquisitions. The commission is composed of five members appointed by Council.

    For more information on the Agriculture Reserve Program:

    Julia Hillegass
    ARP Coordinator

    (757) 385-8697